We here at Caravansarai (All two of us) are big fans of summer. And if there is swimming involved, it is pretty much paradise. Which is why we are a little disappointed that our building isn’t big enough to include a pool (or an elevator, or a hot tub, or any of the other things we get requests for.)

Our summer residents positively melted, but it didn’t make them any less productive–and we DID fit in many trips to our favorite Princes’ Island, Burgazada.

June artist Tim Craker went straight to work designing rusty tiles, delicate mobiles, and prints on paper. Then one day he discovered beet juice, and we loved coming to work to be greeted by bright, fuchsia beet prints pressed to paper. Sadly, you CAN take it with you, and he did. He returned to Australia (via Malaysia) with everything he made save a mobile made of plastic cups. This was the prototype for a work which now hangs in a hotel in Penang.

And if you can stand any more fabulousness in this powerhouse month–Tamiko Thiel spent the long days networking for an upcoming Augmented Reality intervention for the Istanbul Biennial, visiting sites, and was just generally interesting. Tamiko was joined by her husband, Peter and Tim’s partner, David (a chef!) helped us kick off the summer the way it is meant to be: Spent mostly grilling on the terrace.

The temperature spikes in July–much to the chagrin of novelist, Randa Jarrar. I had promised her that by the time she left Istanbul, she would be able to lay out in a sweater and black jeans and not break a sweat. While that did not happen, Randa DID complete her latest novel, gave a reading at a dinner party in her honor, AND swam several times in the sea.

Douglas Gast built a website for his Pin-a-Point project while spending some quality time on the islands working on his tan with girlfriend, Casey. The lovebirds got engaged during his residency. Awww. . .

Ouch. August is never a productive time in Istanbul, and this one promised to be less so, as it was also the month of Ramazan. We had warned our guests–artist Fiona Davies, curator/writer/theorist Freek Lomme, and designer Lara deGreef that life moves s-l-o-w-l-y during these days. But they managed to get more done that we expected: Fiona shot footage off of our terrace of the hardware action below, made silk paper, researched various divergent topics, and went swimming. Lara developed a pattern copier, designed patterns, and learned the Turkish handicraft of oya, and went swimming. Freek did not go swimming, but from his perch at a low table in our office, he sweated away over his computer writing texts, poetry, and generally taking over the Istanbul art scene. Freek, Lara, and Fiona’s stay ended with a public display of Show and Tell.

I can’t believe the summer is over!