So it seems like now is a good time–two years after our last post–to make our big announcement:

We are selling Caravansarai and organizing what we are considering our final activity in the space—A retrospective exhibition of all the works about Perşembe Pazarı done by Caravansarai Collective in the last four years

We are not desperate, but, like this photo, we are sad!

We are not desperate, but, like this photo, we Are sad!

That’s right, our LAST activity. After September 21st, there will be no more circus classes, no more workshops, residencies, Thanksgiving dinners, cross-dressing parties, Ms. Kumpir pageants, art production, open studios, Miss Universe appearances, or drinking tea on the terrace. At least in this building.

What there will be, though, is the expanded artistic careers of the two of us, along with the rest of the collective! While we both pursue our own personal artistic careers (more on that in later posts), we intend to continue working together far into the future as Caravansarai Collective.

Our newest collaborative (and homeless) endeavor is called “Hindsight is 20/20”: A Case Study. The Caravansarai team reflects upon all that we have done since the conception of our idea in Istanbul. The final outcome of this reflective process will be a case study presented in a symposium format. It will consist of lectures, exhibitions, performances, discussions and other creative content generated by the Caravansarai Collective and other participants.

Hilarious, and frightening, and so true . . .

Hilarious, and frightening, and so true . . .

So, to pick up where we left off—this blog will be the container which will hold all of the thoughts and experiences of the next investigative phase of Caravansarai without a space.