Since the close of our building, we have been soul-searching and rediscovering who we are as a collective. What is our mission? What are our goals? What sort of projects are we attracted to? Who will take part in these projects? Where is the money that is supposed to fall out of the sky allowing us to make these goals a reality?

One such goal–that has been much discussed throughout the history of Caravansarai–is to have matching outfits for all our members. A team uniform, if you will. Arni and I have a performance we do in which we have dolls who’s clothes match our own. Julie and I occasionally buy the same jacket, or shirt, or sometimes the same dress.


Last year, when Istanbul was the 2012 Capital of Sport, we designed tracksuits for the Caravansarai Goldfish (our swim team that never happened.) Then we decided all of our artists should have matching attire.


I am finally in a place to make the matching outfit dream a reality. I am in China. There are whole stores where they sell matching outfits for couples. It is also possible to have anything made to specification on the spot. People can buy matching pajamas and wear them outside and often do!!! All I’m saying is that if we can reach some sort of consensus on our work clothes, then perhaps it will help us construct and firm up our future goals altogether. But what do our members think?

Me (Anne Weshinskey): I vote for our orientalist Party 21 dresses (pictured above) and the track suits for sportive occasions, and the yellow painter overalls for work. I am currently working on a new foot juggling apparatus with the Fujian Acrobatic Troupe, developing a new stage show with two other American acrobats trained in China, and making work with my husband, Arni Gudmundsson.


Arni Gudmundsson: Arni is partial to yellow painters overalls. He is doing a residency at the Chinese European Art Center  in Xiamen, China.

Julie Upmeyer: Last time I checked, Julie agreed with me: That we should have a variety of matching outfits to pull out depending upon the occasion. Julie is currently being hyper-productive in her new studio in Şişhane, Istanbul. Her newest work was exhibited with critical acclaim in a show, which will close the 30th of October at BAUART (the new gallery of Bahçeşehir University)



Here Julie’s work is featured on television

Sibel Horada: I would hope that Sibel prefers the Party 21 dresses. However, I think there was some sort of debate about choosing NEW dresses. We have yet to see the designs. Sibel is also very hard at work in the studio she shares with Julie (and another artist Mehmet Ekiz) in Şişhane. Her solo show at Daire Sanat in Istanbul opens soon.

Korhan Erel: I would like to think that Korhan would do anything for art and just wear the Party 21 dress, but I think he has his own opinion in the matter. Damn. Always motivated and headstrong, Korhan is always playing concerts with various improvisational artists. Currently in Istanbul, you can check out Korhan’s website for when and where to catch him:

Fiona Davies: She is strictly anti-uniform unless it is black or silk. I don’t wear black, but if she can come up with something in silk, I will wear it. Fiona has been making new work, curating, traveling, and just unveiled a sculpture commission in Australia and is now taking a break to organize herself and her studio.

Anita Bacic: Anita has been very vocal about her refusal to wear any sort of tight dress. Therefore, the Party 21 dresses are out. She does plan to buy a pair of the yellow painter overalls when she returns to Istanbul from traveling around in Europe researching for artworks.

We welcome any other member or the CC to post their preferences and update us about their current projects via the comments!!!!!